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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Shwe Job Apk Free Download

App to teach factory workers about safety, labour laws & their legal rights.

Shwe Job is an app created by SMART Myanmar to teach garment factory workers about good practices for occupational safety & health in the factory and to increase awareness and knowledge of the existing labour laws in Myanmar. This app uses a combination of text, illustrations and voiceovers.

Shwe Job references Myanmar’s existing labour laws wherever possible, but also supplements in recommendations on occupational safety & health based on various international standards and best practices. This app is not meant to be comprehensive or authoritative, but rather is educational in approach.

Major content within the app is focused on:

Section 1: Health & safety in the factory
Fire prevention & suppression
Fire evacuation
Electrical safety
Machine safety
Chemical safety
Sharp tools, PPE & first aid
Working conditions, ergonomics & building safety