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Friday, September 29, 2017

Escape from Desolo

Escape from Desolo” is a single player adventure game for seafarers by seafarers. You play the role of a young cadet who just arrived in the Port of Hamburg on a small containership, named the “Desolo”. You have been granted shore leave for 24 hours by the Captain of the “Desolo”, and your girlfriend “Eve” is waiting for you at the quayside. Getting off the ship is not easy, and you need to muster all your skills, knowledge and initiative to navigate all the puzzles that you will be faced with. Learn about confined spaces, PPE, shipboard procedures, MARPOL, working at height, electrical safety, Incident reporting, Drug & Alcohol policies, proper response to drills and alarms, etc. in this epic love story. The clock is ticking though, and Eve will not wait forever! Stay healthy, follow procedures and don’t get the Owners of the “Desolo” in trouble: You may make it in time!

Escape from Desolo” is a serious game created by UNITEAM TRAINING (, a large training center for the shipping and oil & gas industry. We strongly believe seafarer training does not have to be boring, and hope you will enjoy the game!